Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23 -

The Wicked Witch Reaches Steps 8 and 9
(wherein she must apologize and make amends to those she has harmed)

Dear All,

I hate to write a group letter; however,

I would hate to miss any transgressions.

I have reached a point in my rehabilitation

where I have acceded to my Higher Power and

I am ready to make amends.

To those whom I have caused physical or

emotional harm, I am sorry.

To the frogs, snakes and other creatures, I realize

what an insult it has been cursing humans

with your life form.

I am sorry.

To all small children, dogs, and small magical beings,

I should never have threatened or terrorized you, with either

my size or power.

I am sorry.

To stepmothers, crows, crones, old women,

people with warts, my actions have given you

a bad reputation.

I am sorry.

As a positive step, I have divested myself of flying monkeys.

I am now a vegetarian and no longer drink

potions. I avoid sweets. I grow my own vegetables.

I hired an image consultant, had my colors done.

I gave up the color black. Turns out, I’m a Spring.

I am taking voice lessons.

I am writing poetry instead of incantations.

I have gone to counseling for my self-esteem.

I can only hope that from this day forward you can forgive me

and we can live happily ever after.

Best regards,


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